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HubCom was established in 2016, and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We offer specialized technologies and software development as part of a range of services for open-source tools and software/applications.
We partner with Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and more so we can best assist your organization step into the future with state-of-the-art technology at your disposal. Our solutions are designed by a team of experts with extensive experience to fully satisfy our clients’ needs and preferences.

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HubCom offers a diverse range of services designed to help you reshape and reinvent your business, enhancing and modernizing your infrastructure and all essential processes. Our innovative solutions provide you with the greatest possible business value in terms of quality, cost, and speed.




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It is quite simple, really. HubCom is the partner you want as you step into the future.
We can help your business evolve, be better and faster, more adaptable and flexible.
Our solutions enhance your enterprise’s connectivity, and make your IT architecture more agile
and on-demand than ever before.



A quick glance at what our clients and customers have been saying about HubCom.

HubCom has far exceeded our expectations in delivering E-Commerce & Integration solutions. Now, they are spearheading the efforts to grow our business by supporting our EAI platform.

Abdul Karim


Hubcom has been providing valuable services for our clients in Insurance related to IBM middleware platform: API Connect, Enterprise Service Bus, MQ, and BPM. We have come a long way as far as partnership is concerned, and they are the go-to firm for all enterprise solutions.

Sai Saroopya


Hubcom has been our partner for mobile development and cloud services, as well as portal platforms. In addition, they have been providing valuable DevOps services where we lacked in automation.  

Royal Cyber