Host Access Transformation Service (HATS)

Company Background

  • RCCL – Founder, Edwin W. Stephan in 1969.
  • In 2003 – RCCL was the number 2 company, standing behind Carnival Cruise Company.
  • 27 million passengers per year.
  • RCCL sailed across globe.
  • Avoid too much homogenization.
  • Silver where program – Cost same irrespective of the number of ships.
  • RCCL offers – Royal Caribbean International (16) and Celebrity Cruises (9).

Business Need

The original reservation application is huge. It includes more than 7 million lines of code that during the course of two decades has been modified, manipulated and maintained a multitude of times using several flavors of RPG from legacy to modern. The reservation system has always run on IBM midrange servers from AS/400s. They needed a modern platform including web 2.0.


  • Hubcom implemented IBM HATS services to modernize the existing application with given key features:
    • IBM HATS screen scraping mechanism utilization for transformation of the AS/400 screen into HTML pages.
    • Macro implementation for retrieval of faster data.
    • Menu and submenu creation with better look and feel.


  • Improved the navigation of client’s host application.
  • New Application also accessible via mobiles.
  • Reuse the existing AS/400 in a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Avoid rewriting application (no impact to code).

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