Monitor Probe

EAI Monitoring Challenges

❑ IIB comes with inherent challenges: 

  • Acts as a hub for business cnbcal transactions 
  • Mediates between services and protocols

❑ Risks Include: 

  • Losing critical business transactions 
  • Failing critical business transactions 
  • General Outages 
  • Poor performance of flows and transactions 
  • Built-in tools are hard to follow doesn’t talk in business terminologies

Monitoring Challenges

❑ Transactions Accountability 

  • Making sure each transaction is successful and having the ability to explain why other transactions fail
  • Risks/challenges:
  1. Typically you won’t be alerted to lost transactions and Message Flow
  2. These may result in lost revenue and complications with business partners

❑ Monitoring Challenges

  • Existing monitoring solutions provide limited coverage
  • WMB’s internal monitoring and standard solutions do not effectively address these challenges
  1. Most focus on WMB and MQ performance
  2. Do not directly monitor the run-time execution of -Rows
  3. Or the interdependencies in the environment

❑ Monitoring Risks/Challenges

  • Long and complex troubleshooting sessions
  • Less control over the environment and solution

Monitor Probe Features

Using Monitor Probe in conjunction with IIB built-in web UI features we can efficiently achieve business and technical monitoring: 

❑ Business transaction tracking 

❑ Message flow tracking 

❑ Analytics to proactively diagnose activity 

❑ Root-cause analysis of underperformance 

❑ Real-time monitoring 

❑ Early-warning alerts for performance in accordance with policy

Monitor Probe - Edge Over The Rest

❑ Identify and isolate application issues and status

❑ Determine the specific causes of a problem in applications

❑ Fix and re-process transactions in real-time

❑ Develop more precise management reports

❑ Analyze and identify level of Errors to classify.

❑ Minimizes the effort to diagnose issues by avoiding time consuming searches

❑ Respond to new business changes quickly