Database Managed Services

Your data defines everything your company touches, so you need a team of DBA experts to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make the most of its value. Hubcom provides the DBA expertise, services, and strategies to ensure your organization uses its data to the fullest extent possible so you can maximize all your other corporate assets, too.


Top DB Experts

Our globally based team of seasoned DBA professionals bring their years of experience and specialized knowledge to your company, giving you the broadest DBA administration base possible:

    • DBA Architects and Data Modelers – generate data-based scenarios to reduce risk and maximize investments.
    • DBA and Performance Analysts – study how your data impacts your systems.
    • Application and Warehouse DBA Administrators – maintain databases for existing and new apps and ensure that all your information is clean, accurate, accessible, and safe.

The DBA administration team covers every aspect of managing and optimizing your database so you can focus on more critical company concerns.


Around the Clock Coverage

Database monitoring runs 24x7x365 because our DBA experts work in shifts, ready to assist and mitigate any concern at any time. This frees your IT resources up to work on more important business initiatives.


Flexible, Client-Focused Delivery

Our DBA administration capacity flexes to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for day-to-day support, a one-time small upgrade, or a major migration to the cloud. And because our focus is always on maximizing the value of your corporate information, we can fulfill our promise that our work always adds value to your enterprise.


Tiered Database Services

We’ve tiered our DBA services to encompass every possible database concern but structured them into tiers to offer maximum value for our customer’s money:

    • Tier 1 provides comprehensive monitoring support, including alerts, notifications, and incident responses.
    • Tier 2 extends beyond monitoring and adds installs, systems optimization, patching, configurations, and more.
    • Tier 3 adds to the Tier 1 & 2 services by including performance optimization, security, licensing, compliance management, and strategic utilization to maximize your organization’s values.

All tiers include 24x7x365 services support, and Tiers 2 and 3 also include DBA request availability.


Service Level Agreements, Comprehensive Support, and Secure Services

Doing business with Hubcom starts with signing our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), which outlines the full depth and breadth of the services you’ll receive. Incident support, service tasks, service requests, and project services are all available, based on what you need. Plus, we structure them to suit the work you need done, so you’re not signing on (or paying) for more services than you want. Just ask.

Included in every SLA is Hubcom’s stellar data security suite, too. We recognize that every portal to your database poses an intrusion risk, so we implement and monitor best-in-class security systems to prevent, detect, and mitigate challenges.



Key DB Partners


Data Warehouses & Data Lakes 

The sheer number of data sources in today’s enterprise environment, combined with the challenges of storing, processing and accessing both structured and unstructured data, has driven demand for sophisticated data warehouse solutions.

Hubcom’s data warehouse consulting services can help address any data-related concern, whether you need to set up a centralized repository that integrates with other platforms or you want to optimize your existing system to better support analytics initiatives. Our experienced team of data warehouse professionals has seen and done it all.

Hubcom understands the intricacies of enterprise data warehouse management and how to get the best solution with the lowest cost of ownership. Cloud-based data warehousing often presents the most ideal option available since storage and compute resources can be scaled up or down as needed.

The latest and most advanced data warehouse solutions feature a multi-cluster architecture, allowing organizations to increase platform performance to account for more intensive query processing demands without affecting other workloads.