Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a feature of intelligent process automation that describes logic-driven robots executing pre-programmed rules on mostly structured data. RPA takes productivity optimization to the next level by redefining work and reassigning employees to execute higher-value activities. Process bots are capable of independently performing simple human-like function such as interpreting, deciding, acting and learning.

Business Process in which RPA can be used:

  • Take over repetitive tasks that employees carry out 50 to 60 times a day.
  • Conversion of data formats and graphics.
  • Periodic reporting, data entry and data analysis.
  • ERP transactions.
  • Mass email generation, archiving, extracting.
  • Process list and file storage.

Benefits of RPA

Reduces Load on IT

Does not disturb underlying legacy systems.


Bots can work 24/7 effectively.


Less prone to errors; functions with accuracy and uniformity.

Productivity Rate

Execution time is much faster.

Cost-cutting Technology

Reduces the size of the manual workforce and hence reduces costs.


Follows rules to provide audit-free trial.

No Coding Required

Programming skills are not necessary.


Repetitive tasks are performed in the same manner each time.

Hubcom RPA based Services and Solution

  • IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere.
  • Automation Platform with UI Path.

RPA Solutions to Automate Routine, Repetitive & Costly Business Tasks

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development experts define efficient ways of standardizing processes for improved customer experiences, employee motivation, process transparency, faster reporting and higher process quality. Our experience with RPA is supplemented with AI and Machine Learning development to create high-functioning cost-effective tools.

With above two development tools we offer you:

  • RPA Solutions from Industry Leaders.
  • Intelligent Document Recognition Development.
  • Document Capture Software Services.
  • Extraction Technology Development.
  • RPA Integration Services.
  • Image Processing Development.
  • Automation of your Desktop.
  • Attended and Unattended Automation.
  • Recorder Automation.
  • Web Scraping Automation.
  • GUI Automation.
  • Screen Scraping Automation.
  • Mainframe Automation.
  • Excel Automation.