IBM DataPower Gateway helps industries to meet the security and integration needs of their digital business in a single multi-channel gateway. DataPower provides security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads.

How DataPower is beneficial for customers

Monitoring and management

Deep content introspection at wire speeds and service request, and response monitoring support with an attractive platform for centralized management and control.

XML threat protection and security

DataPower appliances deliver a robust XML firewall for the enterprise, using sophisticated checks.

Application-aware routing and data aggregation

The DataPower appliance enables the classification of data requests based on service and application-level information.

Converged policy enforcement and advanced security

Allows a single-entry point to protect and use consistent security policies across business channels, while reducing operating cost and improving security.

Configuration-driven policy creation and flexible user experience

Help reduce time to market, improve productivity and scale expertise.

DataPower Operations Dashboard

Designed for centralized troubleshooting and real-time operational visibility to accelerate problem determination and resolution.

Hubcom offers the following services:

  • Complete Implementation of DataPower.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Providing highly secured connection using SSL.
  • Integration with other tools like IBM MQ, IIB and API Connect.
  • Best performance tuning.
  •  Support.