Host Access Transformation Service (HATS)

Company Background

Samba Financial Group SJSC (formerly known as The Saudi American Bank), is a large banking firm in Saudi Arabia. The combined institution had 66 branches in the Kingdom. Its international operations consist of a branch each in London, Qatar and Dubai, as well as a subsidiary that has 28 branches across major cities in Pakistan.

Business Need

Bank application cannot exist in isolation; they need to be able to exchange data with other applications to maximize value.

Business Problem

  • Samba bank consists of many systems, off-the-shelf applications, services, packaged apps (SAP, Siebel etc.) Web apps, devices, appliances, bespoke software and many more
  • Systems expose interfaces using different protocols such as APIs, MQ, TCP/IP, database, HTTP, files, FTP etc. and with a myriad of standards based and custom data formats.
  • Building connections point-to-point quickly deteriorates into spaghetti chaos, an inflexible architecture which is expensive to maintain and resistant to change.


Hubcom suggest IBM Integration Bus that’s connects these endpoints in meaningful ways

  • Avoids rewrites in response to new integration requirements
  • Simplifies maintenance by reducing expensive coupling
  • Web-based interface to provide operational views of data published


  • A Proven, scalable and secure integration platform that delivers rapid, secure, scalable and reliable connectivity.
  • Accelerate integration & promote best practices with pre-built patterns
  • Built-in packaged application connectors
  • Rapid integration with graphical tooling
  • Standards-based data modelling aligns with Master Data Mgmt

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